Eddy Current Testing

NABL ISO17025 Accredited - Eddy Current Testing Inspection Labs at ATOZ NDT

Eddy current testing is a modern Nondestructive testing – NDT method and prime tool in controlling quality of components for Aerospace, automotive, heat exchanger tubes, pipes for oil, gas and structural applications at various stages of manufacturing and in-service inspections for surface and subsurface crack testing. This NDT Inspection method can be used to find finest surface and subsurface flaws in any conductive material. Large Spectrum of QA/QC quality control engineering applications are existing applying Eddy current principles. Present Eddy current NDT method has applications in Aerospace Component Inspections, Heat exchanger tube inspections in Oil Gas companies, real time non-contact thickness measurement to control process quality, Material sorting, mixing, Paint and nonconductive coating thickness measurements. Demand for testing is steeply rising due to increasing usage of nonferrous conducting materials for vast number of engineering applications.